Tekken 8’s ghost AI system keeps player’s deceased brother ‘alive’ with a copy of the game

Unfortunately, one Tekken 8 fan died shortly after the game’s release, but the game’s Super Ghost AI system has kept his ghost recorded as something his brother and other players can still fight against.

Tekken 8’s Super Ghost AI system does not create a perfect copy of a player, but it is a quite convincing imitation . He will move like that player, use the same moves as that player, and have the same strengths and weaknesses as that player.

The brother of a Tekken 8 player was working hard on the game when it came out, but unfortunately died just weeks after its release. However, he played enough to have a well-trained AI ghost replicate his moveset.

As a result, the late player’s brother asked if there was any way to keep his brother’s ghost alive. This prompted a response from Harada himself and other key Tekken 8 personnel, who offered his support and condolences.

Tekken 8 Developers Help Keep Player’s Late Brother Alive in Game

It all started with a Reddit post from a user who told the story of how his late brother loved Tekken 8, but died shortly after its release. He hoped to go with him to the venues to compete, but he never got the chance.

Can AI ghosts be permanently saved? My brother just passed away suddenly… by u/Melodic_Insect1356 in Tekken

“[Mi hermano] He was a huge Tekken fan and had spent many hours working, trying to rise through the ranks. We were hoping to eventually join local meetings here in Texas as brothers, but unfortunately we will never have that opportunity.

“Now, I know that AI ghosts are usually poor imitations of the players they belong to, but my question is: if I save my brother’s AI ghost, can I keep that ghost or is all my saved data deleted? part? Well? “I would still like to play against my ‘brother’ from time to time.”

In the last part of the post, the user thanked Harada and the rest of the developers for giving him this last month with his brother: “Thank you to Mr. Harada and the entire Tekken team for giving my brother and me one last great month of joy together. The last thing I saw him do the night before was play this game. I’m happy he was able to play it before he left…”

This provoked a response from game director Kohei Ikeda who not only offered his support to this player, but explained how he could download the ghost and keep it forever as long as he kept the data locally.

Harada, the man who has been the face of Tekken for decades, He also came personally .

“Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I have personally sent message cards and other messages to many ceremonies. If it helps someone feel better, tell them to contact me.”

This went back to the original Reddit post, and the moderators informed him of the developer’s response so he could talk to Harada.

“Wow, I never imagined Mr. Harada would respond. This brought much joy. I thanked him directly. You guys are so amazing.”

While this story is tragic, it also shows how hard FGC works to keep people together, especially when the creators of one of the most popular titles in the genre are willing to reach out and support the people who grew up playing these games. games.