How to make Tutankhamun and the Sphinx in Infinite Craft

Tutankhamun is the iconic boy pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Along with historical monuments, Egypt is a must-see place. But if you can’t visit these wonders in real life, you can play this word association game. Here’s how to make Tut and the Sphinx in Infinite craftsmanship.

How to get Tutankhamun’s infinite ship

When you play for the first time Infinite craftsmanship, I ended up in Egypt with a pyramid no matter what I combined. There are several ways to create Tut, but this is the path I took to get there. I started doing Pyramid.

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Earth = Stone
  • Stone + Wind = Sand
  • Sand + Earth = Desert
  • Desert + Mountain = Pyramid

Once you get the Pyramid, you will be able to create many different Ancient Egyptian items. You can also use Pyramid + Human to look for mom if you haven’t discovered the grave.

  • Pyramid + Tomb = Mummy
  • Mummy + Mummy = Sarcophagus
  • Sarcophagus + Mummy = Pharaoh
  • Pharaoh + Mummy = Tutankhamun
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How to get a sphinx in Infinite Craft

To get the Sphinx, Egypt and Cleopatra use the following combinations.

  • Desert + Pyramid = Sphinx
  • Pyramid + Volcano = Atlantis
  • Atlantis + Desert = Egypt
  • Egypt + Lake = Nile
  • Tutankhamun + Queen = Cleopatra

What can Tut and the Sphinx do in Infinite Craft?

In addition to the previous creations, you can do the following:

  • Tut + Shine = King Tut
  • Sphinx + Mythology = Riddle
  • Egypt + Sun = Ra
  • Mummy + Anime = Anubis
  • Anubis + Cupid = Osiris
  • Crocodile + Ra = Sobek
  • Crocodile + Ra = Sobek
  • Ra + Parrot = Horus
  • Ra + Osiris = Horus
  • Ra + Black Hole = Khepri

When experimenting to get different things, I found that most combos with Mummy, Pyramid, and Sphinx simply result in those again. Nile and River do not create the Nile River, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not create the cast of the 1999 hit movie. The Mummy.

This is how Tutankhamun and the Sphinx are made in Infinite craftsmanship. There are several Egyptian gods you can create, as well as other historical figures. For more crafting recipes, including sailor moon, Travis Scottand Luke Skywalker, go to our guide center.